Common Ground Life, the story behind us.

My name is Paula, and I came up with the idea for Common Ground Life because I wanted to make a difference in the online dating world.  I wanted to create something more than an online dating site.  I wanted to create a space for friends, partners, lovers, and for all of us out here seeking connections and common ground. 

My past experience with dating sites left me feeling more alone. I didn't know if the people were real or if they were still looking for friends or a potential partner.   I wanted a different way to connect, and, not finding it, I decided to create it. Common Ground Life is all about connecting through common interests. It is more than a dating site, it’s a "get to know the real me" site, with awesome benefits for members and a community of friends.

The one positive thing that came out of my online dating search was Angela.  While I had a good grasp of the idea for a new kind of dating site, I wasn’t sure how to make it happen.  I needed someone as driven and passionate about the idea as I was, with the technical know-how that I lacked.   Connecting with Angela, I found a great friendship, a business partner, and the beginning to our dreams coming true!   One of the first things I did was to give Angela a nickname.  She became “G,” and, as you’ll soon find out that nickname suits her!

As we planned our new website, it was clear we both wanted something that would stand apart from all the other dating sites.  We want to be more than the creators and hosts of this new site, we want to be active members of the community.  So, in doing that, we will take our online community to the real world, with meet- and- greet events, contests for members, and chances to win trips and other prizes.  All to share with your new special friend and your community of friends on Common Ground Life.

And, because we want our online community to be part of our larger community, we will donate a percentage of our earnings to St. Jude’s Children's Hospital, The LGBTQ community, animal rescue, and other charities along the way! 

We want our community to be your community!  Thank you for being a part of our Common Ground Life and our real world lives.  Now let’s start building something special!!